Our Equipment

As professional site cleaning contractors, Resi Builders Assistant has access to a wide range of equipment to get any job done. Services such as bobcat site cleaning, roadway cleaning, waste management and recycling, site slashing and vegetation control often requires specialised equipment and expertise in which our team can provide.

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All of our machinery and equipment is modern, current and adheres to workplace safety standards. Equipment has been adapted specifically for the environments we work in and allows our team to complete residential construction site cleaning services safely.

Our specialised equipment enables our professional team to provide clients and customers with a hassle-free service. For example, our skid steer is able to take care of the bulk loading of wastage materials from the site, while our rigid tipper trucks are available to transport and dispose waste materials.

Our dedicated team of professionals also examine the external perimeters of the construction site. We use a wide host of equipment to remove debris in order to ensure the area returns to a safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing standard. Our garden care and vegetation control services are adapted and carried out with commercial grade tools to meet customer requirements and expectations.

About us

Resi Builders Assistant is a team of residential construction site cleaning professionals offering tailored packages to combat waste to ensure workplace safety and compliance with industry regulations.